• “Robin began pretty much when we did - and with a shared technical perspective in the form of Durk Valkema's famous furnaces, to say nothing of a Scandinavian and disciplined sense of design and craft aesthetic. Over all these years I've watched him out of the corner of my eye, and admired the perseverance and consistency that has marked his trajectory. As we glide toward old-timerdom, the edge of the smile takes on a wee twist, as it reflects upon that dogged tenacity and sheer force of intention that marks the long run: unyielding, staying the course, and being true to oneself.”

  • I met Robin Mix in Copenhagen first time, when I still was a student at The Copenhagen Design School for applied art in 1982. He just finished the Orrefors glass school and was in the process of establishing his hot glass workshop in Vermont. His first work, had for years, a very Scandinavian look. But during time, he developed his work into a very personal style.

    Around 1990, he took up the Italian/ Venetian Murrini technique as one the very first outside Venice. Robin used the technique in a new and very unique personal way. And has been an inspiration for many after comingGlass artists. His unique glassworks have reached a point where his wonderful unique work has " no fear of time" I think that is the absolutely gold a glass artist / designer can have. Creating work outstanding, at all time.

  • We call him "mentor man". For a guy who prefers to remain home doing his "wizard duties," Robin has seen and been involved in a surprising spectrum of activities and development of individuals in the glass world. But what is most impressive is his vast, almost encyclopedic knowledge about glass and it's history.

    A man of expansive intellect, his passion for the medium has provoked him to devote a great deal of his inquisitiveness to this fragile world and as a result make his own place here. It is this devotion that has inspired me and provided a strong foundation for my own pursuits in the realm of art and glass.

    Marc Barreda / New York and Netherlands
  • Robin's knowledge and understanding of historical glass is outstanding, and it shows. What sets his work apart is his awareness of not only what’s been done, but why.

  • Like so many of us who are makers, Robin's work is inspired by his curiosity. The beautiful objects he makes are the record of his years of investigating glass.